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Furthermore the benefit of HAART increases over time.

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Furthermore antigen-presentation in Peyer’s Patches is greatly reduced in HIV infection.

This is due to a failure in maintaining the homeostasis of immune cells in the lymphoid follicles and the structure and function of the tissue.

Numerous finger-like villi project into the lumen of the gut and are mostly made up of specialised absorptive epithelial cells (enterocytes) and goblet cells that produce mucous to protect and lubricate the epithelial cell layer and absorb nutrients and drugs.

HIV infection in the gut causes malabsorption of nutrients due to the disruption in the normal development of intestinal villi.

He continued with AZT and 3TC and efavirenz was added to the regimen because his CD4 was improving and he was virally suppressed.

After two weeks he was transferred from Hospice to a hospital close to where his mother works.Depletion of CD4 T helper cells in the lamina propria reduces the recruitment of new T and B lymphocytes into the lymphoid tissue.In the absence of immune cell proliferation in the lymphoid follicle the physical size of the Peyer’s Patches are reduced.But in this single case study, published in Nature (paywall), his team, led by researchers at the University of Cambridge, say that his recovery is precedent for research into using gene therapy to treat HIV in the future.The news suggests reason for hope among people who have HIV.These mutations make it impossible for the most common form of HIV to infect immune cells in the body, and occur naturally—albeit rarely—in people all over the world.The patient had a slight adverse reaction to his transplanted stem cells at first, but after a year and a four months, doctors could find no evidence of HIV in his blood.For the second time ever, a patient living with HIV appears to be in remission from the virus after receiving a stem cell transplant as part of lymphoma treatment.The man has been effectively HIV-free for 18 months—too short a time to definitively say that he has been officially cured.and general health improvement the likelihood of resistance occurring if this is used as long term treatment is high.The decision was made to start him on triple therapy using corrected dosages appropriate for his body weight.


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