Hitchens On Michelle Obama'S Thesis

Despite such magic moments as when the first lady kale chip fed Jimmy Fallon, however, all was not well in the East Wing.While only briefly a Schake pit, the East Wing remains a snake pit.

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And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.” Cherlin is not dredging this up to admit that Obama might have had a tin ear or failed to appreciate the country pre-Obama.

While Michelle Obama was communing with the Terracotta Army from the Tang Dynasty on her most recent taxpayer-funded spring break in China, Reid Cherlin, a former White House press aide, was blowing the whistle in the New Republic on what an overbearing control freak Mrs. He did so in an article headlined “The Worst Wing: How the East Wing Shrank Michelle Obama,” which, as the title implies, doesn't really blame Mrs. While the article isn’t especially revealing about Mrs.

Obama for turning the First Lady's offices in the East Wing into a hell hole. Obama—she only really likes to hang with Valerie Jarrett, last seen sporting a super-sized "Ban Bossy" button (just kidding) it speaks volumes about the kind of people who go to work for the first family.

—is a victim of the spirit-squelching job of being first lady.

What is most apparent from Cherlin’s article is that the Obama courtiers are very different from you and me. Only people who live in such an insular environment could believe, for example, that Pajama Boy—who, come to think of it, looks a little like he could be Mr.


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