Hikaru No Go Essay

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Hikaru’s existence drowns out everything else in the room.

It’s nothing deep, but it’s an intense and universal moment.

The camera lingers on Akira as his defeated opponent rushes off toward a noisy crowd across the room.

Akira places his basket of stones on the board and closes his eyes, and the sound and color slowly fade from his surroundings.

Kadowaki is surprised when Hikaru calls him "Pops" (Oji-san in the Japanese version) despite the fact that Kadowaki is in his twenties.

Eighth grader and professional go player Akira Toya has just finished his match in round one of the Young Lions tournament.

is not about subtle clues; it’s not about subtlety of any form.

It’s not referencing obscure historical coding or asking you to click through frame-by-frame to find the split second where the clouds in the background spell out “gaaaay!

This scene isn’t setting up further development of a romantic arc between them; after Hikaru quits the school go club the two have very few interactions at all.

Akari serves mainly as a symbol of the friendships and community Hikaru chose to leave behind in his pursuit of Akira and professional go.


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