Haunting Of Hill House Essay

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You can tell that they each worked to match each other and tell a seamless story.

The best thing this series does is tell the story of the family involved in the haunting.

As two unknowns, Jackson-Cohen and Pedretti are the stars of the adult cast. That being said, Gugino delivers a performance that shocks the viewer and pulls you in.

Her regal costuming and unhinged deeds are amplified by her stellar performance.

To me, the best character stories lie with Luke (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Nell (Victoria Pedretti).

In their relationship, their growth, and the acting.

We see how they have coped, how they broke, and how they have lived.

We see their relationships and distance and through each different story, the picture becomes clear.

We see their distance from each other, a family that has drifted apart after trauma instead of coming together.

It introduces us to each character, where they are in their lives and for one, how their life ends.


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