Hamlet Critical Essay

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It leads to question whether Hamlet did want revenge but I feel that he now has enough confidence that he no longer needs to justify himself to his father and revenge is not important.

He knows has strong views and ideas about anything after death and it no longer scares him.

It also provides Hamlet with a thirst for blood and shows him what actions he is capable of. Finally, I think Hamlet is undeveloped emotionally and finds it very hard to deal with his father's death and to hear he was murdered destroys Hamlets life.

I feel great empathy with him and understand why he may appear suicidal and mad to some, whereas I do not agree.

As scene four continues, Polonius plans to hide 'behind the arras' to hear Hamlet's conversation with his mother.

Hamlet Critical Essay Essay On Christianity

Polonius instructs her to 'lay home to him' that his 'pranks' have been too outrageous. Conclusion I think Ophelia's death scene is the most important moment for Hamlet.

The main problem, which in turn leads to others along his journey, is when he encounters his dead father in the form of a ghost.

He tells Hamlet of his murder by his brother who is now married to his widowed wife, Hamlets Uncle and Mother.

I think he does remarkably well to deal with the situation and do no think that I could.

I don't think he does revenge his father's murder but does not need to.


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