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It will also be necessary to manage your own work, which means developing a system for holding yourself accountable for goals.As project manager, you are in charge of productivity.Each deposit period has deadlines by which students must apply for graduation, take the doctoral final examination, and deposit the thesis.

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Because accountability will primarily be your responsibility, it is necessary for you to develop a system for monitoring your work and making adjustments whenever you are not meeting your goals.

In order to complete a challenging project, it is often necessary to experiment with new approaches to managing tasks.

The goal is to make productivity a primary focus of your work by systematically reviewing it.

The ability to continue working despite challenges and obstacles has been defined in the research literature as “persistence." The ability to persist despite obstacles is critical for success on large projects because there will inevitably be numerous disruptions during the course of your work.

Dissertation Completion Fellowships are awarded by the Graduate College to help outstanding students complete the doctoral degree by providing a one-year stipend of $20,000, along with coverage of tuition, service fee, health service fee, AFMFA fee, Library fee, and basic dental and vision coverage.

In addition, the Fellow will receive partial payment of the graduate student health insurance fee per semester.It may be helpful to think about the project as a series of steps.As project manager, one of your biggest challenges will be managing distractions.The Fellowship Board, comprised of distinguished faculty and graduate students, reviews applications and selects recipients of the Graduate College's various fellowship and grant programs.Those programs include the Illinois Distinguished Fellowships, Graduate College Fellowships, Dissertation Completion Fellowships, Master's Project Travel Grants, and Dissertation Travel Grants.The Fellowship Board plays a key role in helping the University of Illinois recruit and support exemplary graduate students. If you are in a program that requires the completion of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, we have the resources and information to help you successfully complete your deposit with the Graduate College.A distraction may prevent you from starting a task or interrupt the work you are already doing.Either way, distractions affect productivity, and it is your task to develop strategies for managing these issues effectively.Avoid workplaces where your productivity is typically low, and be willing to experiment with new workplaces whenever you are working inconsistently or become stuck on a particular task.The responsibility for monitoring an employee’s productivity is often assigned to the project manager.


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