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There is a vast range of resources online that one can use to broaden their knowledge.Although most of the information may not specifically cover preparation for GP, one should curate and filter only the useful content.

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However, even with an excellent grade in GP, it does not necessarily mean we will fare well in university.

It simply means we are well prepared for university essays, which are much more difficult than GP essays.

This is because if they teach can’t find the critical cases; one can lose points.

Students can ask their tutors to time them as they do their writing practice.

Most university courses have a writing module at the start to prepare us for this.

This may be a burden to some while others would simply breeze through.Proper preparation enables them to learn things more logically and systematically.The above are the top tips for students seeking to prepare for their general papers in Singapore.This means one should be flexible and be ready to prepare their evidence beforehand.The best way a student can enrich their reading is through taking essential notes after understanding the specializations and styles they need to focus on.According to Augustine Chan from https://sg, the main reason why most students find it hard to score in their general papers is that they tend to read and memorize a lot.Others memorize the examples and cases cited and even include them in their essays.Supporting facts, figures and examples are expected but this time, you have to link each one of them to a credible source, be it scientific papers or government websites, or you may be penalized!Credible data, written by serious scientists, can be found here: Note that most work are handed in typewritten and at the end of your essay, you should have a list of all references, or what I like to call sources that I consulted.Most examiners want to examine how students can tap knowledge from current issues.With the right preparation skills, students can improve their chances of success in their GPs.


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