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But these were soon followed by predatory publishers — largely based abroad — that basically pose as legitimate journals so researchers will pay their processing fees.

Over the years, the number of these predatory journals has exploded.

The paper above, titled "Get me off your fucking mailing list," has been accepted by the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology. The journal, despite its distinguished name, is a predatory open-access journal, as noted by io9.

These sorts of low-quality journals spam thousands of scientists, offering to publish their work for a fee.

This journal is one of many that take advantage of inexperienced researchers under pressure to publish their work in any outlet that seems superficially legitimate.

They're very different from respected, rigorous journals like Science and In a several different cases, reporters have intentionally exposed low-quality journals by submitting substandard material to see if it would get published.

The existence of these dubious publishers can be traced to the early 2000's, when the first open-access online journals were founded.

Instead of printing each issue and making money by selling subscriptions to libraries, these journals were given out for free online, and The first of these journals were and are legitimate — PLOS ONE, for instance, rejected Bohannon's lichen paper because it failed peer review.

When it comes to research papers and research paper topics, there are a lot of weird and bizarre topics and ideas that people have used in the past.

As someone who has been in the industry for a very long time, come across so many of these and shared ideas with a lot of students in the same regard, this is something that is worth pointing out, especially when considering the fact that we are trying to help you realize some good from your paper.


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