Fun Problem Solving Activities For Kids

Educating your students about problem solving skills from an early age in school can be facilitated through classroom problem solving activities.

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Place them all in a bag (five-10 clues should be sufficient.) Then have a student reach into the bag and one by one pull out clues.

Choose a minimum number of clues they must draw out before making their first guess (two- three).

As parents, we care about our children’s future and the skills they will need to be successful later in life.

Helping our children develop executive function skills (like problem solving) early on can help pave the way to success.

Label the box “The Problem-Solving Box.” Invite students to anonymously write down and submit any problem or issue they might be having at school or at home, ones that they can’t seem to figure out on their own.

Once or twice a week, have a student draw one of the items from the box and read it aloud.

Getting everyone over to the other side of the river isn't going to be easy but the solution isn't as difficult as you might first think.

Practice your problem solving skills with this interactive math game for kids.

They can brainstorm on paper individually or on a chalkboard or white board in front of the class.

Have your students create and decorate a medium-sized box with a slot in the top.


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