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Hugo indicates that perhaps the darkest point of the revolution was not the Terror created by those in power, but that the men who commit the most violent crimes were truly the “savages of civilisation”.

Hugo indicates that perhaps the darkest point of the revolution was not the Terror created by those in power, but that the men who commit the most violent crimes were truly the “savages of civilisation”.

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It shaped France into a respected nation which perhaps could not have been achieved without the use of terror. The fact that the terror came from within the French government meant that they were able to fight for what the revolution was for.

Despite its brutality, many people came to realise that the Reign of Terror was more than a bloody tragedy and begun to understand and appreciate what the revolution achieved rather than what it failed to do.

Whig historians deem this revolution to have been bloodless but ignore the extent to which 1688 constituted a foreign invasion of England by the Dutch Republic and this invasion was not bloodless.

The people power revolution of the Philippines in 1986 demonstrated a nonviolent overthrowing of the dictator Ferdinand Marco, known as “the Hitler of Southeast Asia” by actively using the power of truth and love, inspired by what was seen in the Gandhian freedom struggle in India.

This reshaped my initial thoughts on the Terror and although it was a gruesome period of murders and barbaric behaviour, it was a transitional period for the greater good in the long run. Yasmine Layla Dehimi 1444143 Word count: 2029 The extent to which the reign of Terror was the inevitable outcome of the revolution is clear.

“It is dreadful but necessary” (C’est affreux mais necessaire) from the Journal d’Autre Monde, 1794. Regardless of where the terror came from, it was sure to be there.Resources being military and weaponry costs and gains being the physical destruction of the opposition.The Reign of Terror begun once King Louis XVI had been killed.Those who served on this committee shared a belief that they were protecting the revolution. 5 A common goal between each of the members of the Committee, is evidence of a strong force which makes it difficult to deviate from the policies which make up the method of government.Of this committee, Maximillien de Robespierre was an influential member. The darkness of the Terror was interestingly spun around by Victor Hugo. What was the aim of those bristling men who in the demiurgic days of revolutionary chaos, ragged, howling, wild, with tomahawk raised, and pike aloft, rushed over old overturned Paris?Robespierre blindly accepted the works of Rousseau who argued that all men were born good but corrupted by society. “In '93, according as the idea which was afloat was good or bad, according as it was the day of fanaticism or of enthusiasm, there came from the Faubourg Saint Antoine sometimes savage legions, sometimes heroic bands. They desired the end of Oppressions, the end of Tyrannies, the end of the sword, labour for man, instruction for children, social gentleness for women, liberty, equality, fraternity, bread for all, ideas for all.This caused Robespierre to continue the works of the Terror to rid corruption even where 1 Home of the revolutionary left. They were savages, yes; but the savages of civilisation.” 6- Les Miserables, Saint Denis, Book First, Chapter V.The purpose of The Terror was to purge France of enemies of the revolution and to protect the country from foreign invaders. Was Terror The Inevitable Result Of The French Revolution? The majority who were masters in the convention had one main, common purpose of increasing and concentration power, that the country may be saved from dangers, which threatened to destroy it.In January 1793, France was governed by the Committee of Public Safety. It was this purpose which governed resolutions which resulted in the method of government we know as the reign of Terror.Marie Antoinette was among the first victims to experience the wrath of The Terror. There have been revolutions which have attempted to remain nonviolent, for example 1688 England- the Glorious Revolution which established the supremacy of Parliament over the monarchy.2 In this essay I will consider reasons why it is thought that the terror was an inevitable outcome of the French revolution and also assess the viability of the liberal view of preventability. 3 The Glorious Revolution was settled by a series of Acts passed by parliament which limited the monarchs’ power, and established supremacy of common law courts.


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