Fish Diagram For Problem Solving

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A Fishbone Diagram is often used to identify and organize the potential causes of a business problem in an easy and understandable format.It is used to identify the sources of process variation which caused the problem to occur.It is called this way because of its shape that looks like a fishbone.

It can also be used in product design and to plan new processes.

Potential causes (or process input variables) in a fishbone diagram are normally grouped into categories for easier sharing and reference.

You can use them with other developers to come up with better design for your software projects.

The Ishikawa diagram, Cause and Effect diagram, Fishbone diagram — all they are the names of one and the same visual method for working with causal connections.

This brings attention to the primary factors affecting the quality of a product or service.

These factors are the variables that need to be optimized in order to reduce the amount of process variation, and therefore improve the process.

The completed diagram is analyzed to determine the problems that needs to be solved.

In order to determine the relative important of the causes, we can use Pair Ranking algorithm. ' and list the possible causes in ovals that connects to the problem statement.

The Ishikawa diagram allows you to organize the reasons in a convenient visual format, to find among them the main, to identify the major causation factors and consequences in the interesting problem or situation, and also to prevent the occurrence of undesirable factors and causes.

The Ishikawa diagram is a chart in the form of a fish, whose head is a problem, the fins are variants for its causes.


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