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These sources are not written for academic purposes, so they won’t generally make a good source unless you are using them as a primary source.If you are writing a research paper about Jane Austen, her books would be primary source material.If you haven’t checked out your school’s article database, you should.

When your professor assigns a research paper, she might tell you “only use scholarly sources.” (If she doesn’t, she just expects you to already know this.) For any college level research paper, the only sources you should use are academic or scholarly sources – sources written by scholars (people with academic training and research in a specific field), for scholarly purposes (not popular consumption).

You’ve probably heard that Wikipedia is not a good scholarly source.

If you are writing a paper for an interdisciplinary class, you can look for sources from a variety of disciplines, but some fields look specifically for scholarly sources from their own field.

History papers, for example, should typically cite historians but not necessarily sociologists or political scientists. Current and former professors who have studied your research topic might make a connection to a source that you wouldn’t know.

This post is part of “The Cafe Scholar’s Guide to Writing a Research Paper” series, which walks you through the process of writing awesome research papers step by step from start to finish.

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When you are done finding great scholarly sources, be sure to check out the rest of the series!The dreaded research paper can leave many wondering where to go for information.With the Internet being so accessible, it might be tempting to type words into Google and use whatever comes up first.This means that while one scholar or a group of scholars did the research, wrote the source, etc., before publication it was reviewed extensively by other scholars in the field (the author’s peers) to make sure the work is up to snuff.So you don’t even have to decide if it is an appropriate source: those peer reviewers have done it for you. It will be very easy to tell where the writer/researcher got his information, because it should all be clearly cited.You may get lucky and get great sources, or you may get stuck with less credible sites that leave your professor wondering where you got such information.Learning how to evaluate sources for research paper writing is a key component to your research paper’s success.Libraries often have workshops or tutorials on using Boolean search terms to search effectively. Schools that have strong online offerings tend to have extensive e-book collections available via the school library’s website.Typically you can filter your library search by “e-book” if a trip to the physical library is out of the question.When you are discussing your research paper proposal with your professor, ask if they have anything they would recommend.After that, though, I wouldn’t go back to your professor for recommended sources until you have exhausted the items below and are stuck…do your own legwork first.


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