Film Production Company Business Plan

Film Production Company Business Plan-86
All’s well and good, but then a new video company open (let’s call them ).

All’s well and good, but then a new video company open (let’s call them ).

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Don’t just look at personal strengths and weaknesses — look at the bigger picture.

While you go through this exercise, you may find what you can highlight (Strengths), how to improve (Weaknesses), what you can take advantage of (Opportunities), and what may stop your business from growth (Threats).

Clients come in at a trickle until you’re well known and start getting referrals, and Mr Taxman always wants his piece.

Do you want to start up with an office for your video production company, or do you intend to try to keep overhead as low as possible, by setting up in your garage?

So do this (especially when you’re just starting out and growing your company): Naturally, the smaller your city, or the area in which you want to work, the less competitors you’ll have.

No need to write down every competitor for your business plan. As you work to continually develop your business plan, you’ll want to dig in deeper on thee players in the market, and what kind of businesses they run.

A good ‘roll out plan’ helps to prevent crazy scenarios like that. Management and anticipation of the cash flow is one thing. It’s about this time that mentioning an accountant is pretty important. To augment your Financial plan, and further solidify the justification of how revenue and projects come in, think about how you want to market your video production business effectively.

A business is only as good as its network and its reputation.

It would be good to already identify what your niche market and expected kind of output would be, and who would essentially be your target market: local companies, network channels, online businesses, weddings for brides and so on.

It will also benefit you here to drill down deep and go into Go deep.


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