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Many of the vintage trends in clothing have been revived and are followed even until the present day.

This essay is an exploration goes the styles of the nineteenth century and how they are still influencing modern sense of fashion.

Fashion and clothing styles have changed over the ages.

However, not all fashion has become obsolete and redundant.

The morning is a classic example of the evolution of single breasted jackets that are so often worn today. The design of these coats was an amalgamation of a riding coat and a frock coat that was usually worn in the evenings.

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The cut of the coats were such that they fell back elegantly in the back like a skirt.The advent of the wide hoop crinoline was significant development for the fashion of women of the era who found a relief in the new invention.This ensured a freedom for them from numerous petticoats they earlier had to wear to give greater flair to the gowns.The second is a modern version of a fine wool coat Men’s fashion has not undergone a lot of change since the late nineteenth century.There has been a change in the style of men’s fashion.Hence, stockings are important part of fashion since early nineteenth century.Figure 2: Wide hoop crinoline used in the mid-19 In the mid nineteenth century, the use of crinoline became prevalent.This modified crinoline was called the crinolettes.The cultural significance of the crinoline is in showing off the beauty of the women.The main importance of stockings even today remains the same.In the early nineteenth century, the stockings were used for horse-riding fashion for men.


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