Faith Essay

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Just because I am not sure on a certain faith doesn’t mean I can’t be religious and spiritual.

I am still on my faith journey and on the adolescent stage.

In the song when it says “That burns with a need to know the reason why” I think it means that this person is searching for their purpose or meaning for being here.

Why they are on this earth and what their meaning or purpose for living is.

I still go to church and show a concern for religion.

I am spiritual because I go to church on a regular basis and belong to a church.

I don’t know what faith I want to continue with yet.

Yes, I was raised catholic by my parents but there are so many other different religions/faiths out there. I don’t know if I believe in God, if there really is a God, or if it’s just a story people tell.

I think that I am in the adolescent stage of faith, because I am still questioning my faith and what I actually believe.

I was raised a catholic by my parents, going to church every Sunday, praying before every meal and before I went to bed.


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