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Both the mother and the baby are anonymous throughout the poem. Poetry......this, nor did they spend enough time in the new world to have participated in much of this, but through Columbus’ ships the Europeans determined to conquer and claim this pristine paradise.The bare facts of events are presented, but given a new viewpoint, the viewpoint of what can be seen without an understanding of capitalist commerce.

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The veterans of war that are described in the poem are father and son.

It indicates that no matter how victorious a war is, there is still defeat in the side of the family of the dead and dying. Poetry Explication With Outline Introduction According to the expert analysis the poem "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson is a poem writes concerning the town noble named Richard Cory.

Poetry Explication Paper [Literature] The poem “Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward” by Anne Sexton tells the story of a mother just giving birth in the hospital.

The mother chooses not to name the father of the baby, as he has decided not to care for the infant.

There will always be sorrow in war, whether the party succeeds or loses. And the poem describes how sorrowful it is, that even if there is victory in war, there is no victory over death. It is written with four quatrain stanzas with a poem plan of a, b, a, b, for every stanza.

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The poets employ of hyperboles and regal comparisons when recitation Richard Cory help to make higher him over the townspeople, and his informal declares of Corys suicide vegetation the person who reads in a position of shock.The practice of sharing and communicating has also been exemplified in this poem. The metaphorical structure of the poem is evident in the stanzas like “Cloud talks to lake; mist speaks quietly to creek; Tree drinks rain and sweats out dew”, takes it away from the reality.But indirectly these expressions are the embodiment of reality.Just like when the water is collected as a whole it makes three fourth part of earth, similarly if human beings become united then their existence would also be magnified.The poem signifies that the togetherness water displays can also be seen in human beings.Each stanza in the poem is an allegorical representation of the behavior of human beings and states what is needed in order for them to live in harmony together.The first stanza of the poem, “all water is part of other water” describes that just like water is made up of molecules sticking together similarly human being also depend on each other.https://studentshare.org/literature/1634891-poetry-explication-paper-the-social-life-of-water-by-tony-hoagland....? Whitman’s Dirge for Two Veterans tackles about the deaths brought about by war. Whether you win or you lose in war, both sides encounter loss.Death is a very prominent picture in war, and this is what the poem shows.If we analyzed then we come to know that the first verse of the poem introduces Richard Cory as an appreciated man of municipality.The second row utilized the words "we people", implying that the......


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