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Opinions can be expressed in writing or pictures, making this a fun, creative exercise.A visual critical thinking exercise, developing critical and creative thinking skills.‘5 whys’ helps students to think more deeply, and interpret the underlying reason to a problem. ”“Because he loves them dearly”The 5 whys can be applied to almost any subject or topic, as a class, group or individual exercise.

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This exercise can help students develop interpretation skills, by evaluating a number of different solutions behind a particular problem.

This exercise is perfect for a variety of subjects, but can be applied directly into existing art lessons.

Break the class up into group of two or three, providing them with a large sheet of clipboard paper and pens.

Again, start with a question, but this time ask the students to debate the topic by having the conversation entirely on paper, in complete silence.

Below are 5 fun ideas – which consider Macat’s unique PACIER critical thinking model, developed with The University of Cambridge – that you can implement today!

A classic interrogative critical thinking exercise, as well as a fun way of introducing critical thinking into lessons.Use your favourite search engine to round-up six Droodles that can be used for this exercise.Print and hand these Droodles to the class, and ask them to write down individually what they think the Droodle represents.The link between critical thinking and one’s education is obvious – you can’t learn well unless you think well.Critical thinking is the ability to look at problems in new ways, to analyse how parts of a whole interact with one another and to interpret information and draw conclusions.Critical thinking has become the most talked about skill set in education.How can teachers incorporate an engaging critical thinking exercise into existing lessons plans?After a set period of time, ask students to vote which story they think is the truth, before revealing the correct answer.The experts on STAAR, such as the Texas Education Agency, the Lead4Ward team and Regional Service Centers tell us that there are some very specific things that we need to do, and other things we should let go of in order to prepare our students for the state assessment. One player at each table scribes ideas on chart paper3. cat=398 copying notes from the board is a low level thinking skill, so please promote higher level thinking by providing appropriate graphic organizers, question stems or reflective prompts, which help students recognize their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses through effective critical thinking.The ability to solve interesting and unfamiliar problems often leads to the development of other skills such as increased engagement, higher concentration levels and improved thought processing.Here are a few examples of experiences that occur in many programs which may provide you with an opportunity to focus on problem-solving skills: The images below provide links to a sample of simple group activities which may help you develop the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities of your group, drawn from playmeo’s ever-expanding activity database. If you’re not yet a playmeo subscriber, join today to unlock hundreds more group games and activities just like these.


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