Ethnocentrism Essay

Ethnocentrism Essay-68
This may mean using a variety of research methods and considering women in the natural settings in which they function.

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This is where a series of emic studies take place in local settings, conducted by local researchers using local techniques.

Such studies can build up a picture of human behaviour in a similar way to the ethnographic approach taken by anthropologists.

The Strange Situation was developed to assess attachment types, and many researchers assume that the Strange Situation has the same meaning for the infants from other cultures, as it does for American children.

German children, on average, demonstrate a higher rate of insecure-avoidant behaviour.

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However, it is not the case that German mothers are more insensitive than American mothers.

Instead, they value and encourage independent behaviour, and therefore their children react differently in the Strange Situation.

The Strange Situation has been described as an imposed etic, where a technique or theory is developed in one culture and then imposed on another.

Cultural relativism insists that behaviour can be properly understood only if the cultural context is taken into consideration.


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