Ethics And Values In Social Work Essays

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This is due to its different settings accompanying different tasks.These standards concern ethical responsibilities to clients, colleagues, social work profession and responsibilities to the broader society.Some of the standards are guidelines for professional conduct, such as the code of ethics for social workers.It is important to acknowledge that values continually shape our actions and it is of the opinion of Ronnby (1992) "that someone becomes a social worker because they have the same ethics and values and attach them to the position".Biestek developed traditional values in the late 50s. His principles outlined the basics of traditional social work and were constructed of a seven-point scheme. Many of Biestek beliefs were very traditional and were criticised for their diversity in their interpretation.For social work the code of ethics plays a major role in its training, policy making and its professional literature.These guidelines provide a framework for making sense of the practice in social work.This knowledge base was very important, but it did not give ready-made answers as to how social workers should continue in any particular situation.However it gives lots of insight and clues about situations that social workers may face, it also enabled them to have an appropriate response for any particular predicament.Its principal objectives are to ensure that the professional social workers were recognised as a non-bias worker.The code covered two main areas, including principles and practice, The statement of principles covers social workers understanding and identifying of the values and dignity for every human being, irrespective of origin, race, status, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religious belief.


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