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Obesity is a problem in the United States as it is reaching an all time high.In addition, these children receive less socialization with other children.Instead of sitting at the table engaged in conversation, they are focused on what is on television instead.

Obesity is a problem in the United States as it is reaching an all time high.In addition, these children receive less socialization with other children.Instead of sitting at the table engaged in conversation, they are focused on what is on television instead.

It's very easy to overuse television as a babysitter, and then it becomes part of a child's socialization.

Even with older kids or adults, it is a great "de-motivator", leading to long days sitting on a couch, often eating, while doing nothing to move around.

Children who read a lot provide themselves a good base for future life and their high school and college education where reading is far more productive than being distracted by what is on the television.

Since the emergence of TV and its programs, many voices that especially come from worried parents have argued the value of television shows.

I mean, you can pretty much argue that too much of anything is eventually detrimental to health.

Anyway, too much TV leads to a sedentary, inactive lifestyle. It keeps people inside as opposed to outdoors, which is generally considered healthier.These parents believe screen shows are useless, and a portion of adults even put effort into restricting how much time their children spend in front of the screen.Others dismiss such statements, on the contrary, proposing many pros that television programs have on the younger generations, and defending such proposals with researched fact.The second point is especially outlined by those who don’t want to live in a “conformist world”, where televisions decide what to believe and think.Oppositely, there are countless TV shows with an educational purpose, a deep, lecturing message and sometimes both.I do think TV in moderation with carefully vetted programmes can be of great educational benefit to kids.Just think of nature programmes for example, which my kids love.This has led to kids wanting to be like what they have seen on TV. It makes them want everything that they have seen in commercials.You need to pay attention to clairewait's suggestion above - excessive TV watching gives rise to a lot of the evils above, but we do need to remember that TV by itself isn't necessarily "bad" or "good" - it is how it is used that makes it a benefit or a hazard.Many children sit around watching television and rarely play with other kids. Kids who spend little time interacting with others have less exposure to positive and realistic conflict management and impulse control. I am always hearing people complain that they don't have enough time to do...something (usually exercise), and it turns out they are watching TV all evening. We get caught up in sitting on the couch watching it, and we lose track of time. We get overweight and lose the interest to be active.It can also give the impression that one is knowledgeable about various topics, when the reality is that what is presented is limited and slanted. Aside from all the effects mentioned above i believe another negative effect of television is on the education and general knowledge of the child.


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