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Without asking him about his family and home situation the counselor assumed certain things about his life.“She assumed that since I was black I certainly didn’t have a stable homelife.She enrolled him in the lower track classes and told him in so many words that “athletics are a great way to get into college.” A few sentences from a misinformed guidance counselor planted the seeds in my subject’s head as to where his high school path would take him.

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Both of his parents graduated from high school and his father received a business degree from Bowling Green State University in northern Ohio.

He attended a large high school whose student body consisted of mostly the white upper class and very few minorities.

Death is Death- the risk is the same regardless of your sin color.

I thought when we came back, we would be treated the same ….

In the beginnings of the 20th century Riots broke out across all of the United States, over eight issues which included the following: Prejudice The Social Construction of Whiteness and Race in America A comment was made in a blog post early on in the year about whiteness in American that bugged me.

It’s a topic that came up a few times throughout the semester in and outside of class.When he landed in America by accident, he had no idea that he would be creating the world's largest Melting Pot.This "melting pot" provided means for a new country, made from a mixture of many cultures and beliefs, thus creating a new country with a new and ever Race and Ethnicity Since the country’s beginning, race, gender, and class have been very important factors in a person’s experience in the United States of America.A further and probably more far reaching difference between the two groups was the view held by each group concerning the use of land and property.The native inhabitants viewed themselves as part of a larger system, in community with nature and the animals around them.Race Relations in America American society likes to believe that race relations in our country are no longer strained.We do not want to hear about the need for affirmative action or about the growing numbers of white supremacist groups. It hides in the workplace, it subtly shows its ugly face in the media, and it affects the education of minority students nationwide.She figured my dad wasn’t home because he was in prison or whatever.” In reality, his homelife was actually a very warm and loving one.His father ran a small business downtown, which made enough money for them to live comfortably.“No one burned crosses in my yard or yelled out racial slurs as I walked down the hall.No, what I encountered was so subtle it wouldn’t hold up in court.” This subtle racism began with quiet comments made by the high school counselor who was helping him to register for classes.


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