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The camera obscura, the prototype of the photographic camera, was a large dark room that an artist physically entered.

Light entered through a small hole in one of the walls and projected a distinct, but inverted, color image onto the opposite wall that could be then traced” (Hirsh).

This paper plans to discuss who Abelardo Morell is, the history of Camera Obscura, and also discuss and analyze three or more photographs by Abelardo himself.

It will also discuss Abelardo’s career and how Camera Obscura falls into his career as well as any statements from him about the process.

Well that is exactly what Abelardo Morell did with his Camera Obscura photographs.

Abelardo Morell took Camera Obscura out of the past and brought it into the future.

This device is important to the history of photography because it was one of the first forms of photography and cameras.

It showed that, at the same time, advances could be made in photography, something with the means of time and knowledge.

Although he later studied comparative religion at Bowdoin College, he eventually took up photography as a way to express his feelings as an immigrant to the United States during the turbulent 1960s” (Yorba).

Photography took his mind away from all of the busyness the world had.


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