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A school bus from the local high school drops of a busload of twelfth grade seniors, all eager to vote for the first time.

There are several other young people chatting with friends about how they are going to vote on various issues.

La Magna, comments “Remember not too long ago when we were clawing each other’s eyes out to get into college?

Memories of that level of crazed intensity make me cringe (Let’s try to forget the day I cried over a bowl of tomato soup in the cafeteria about a bad quiz grade), but also suggest that as a generation we cannot be all that lazy.” In other words, La Magna is describing the amount of pressure our generation is under to continue our education and how possibly one bad grade on a test could affect our chances to get into an outstanding college.

If I was not over scheduled as a child, I would probably be bald from pulling all my hair out trying to keep up with my life.

In addition to completing multiple activities at once, Millennials have put forth their education because they understand the importance of today’s salary.Being able to maintain more than one thing at a time has helped Generation Y accomplish our task in a timely manner.It’s a great attribute we have, considering older generations think we are incapable of successfully completing a task that was given to us.Critics of this generation have some pretty negative things to say about the Millennials, which are being interpreted in a way that is casting a shadow on their future in politics. Joel Stein, writer for Time magazine, calls them “lazy, entitled, selfish, and shallow” and defends that claim with “the incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as high for people in their 20s as for the generation that’s now 65 or older” (Stein 28). We were born after 1980 and are coming of age in this new millennium.We are the oft-maligned, sometimes lauded “Millennials” who have never known a world without Netflix and selfies.There are people of all ages casting their vote and making their opinions known.A few older members of the community walk out of the booths and a few middle aged parents walk in to take their place.If only the people who judge us knew how hard we really have it in today’s world.Liz Zarka’s 2013 article entitled “Generation Me: The Millennial Generation’s Obsession with Being Unique”, from The Daily Clog, states her beliefs that Millennials are more focused on ourselves verses helping our planet.


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