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"If you are bored and disgusted by politics and don't bother to vote, you are in effect voting for the entrenched Establishments of the two major parties, who please rest assured are not dumb, and who are keenly aware that it is in their interests to keep you disgusted and bored and cynical and to give you every possible reason to stay at home doing one-hitters and watching MTV on primary day.

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These aren't the reporters of the Hecht/Mac Arthur play The Front Page that speak cynical with each other and then write the purple prose.

These are journalists that barely do anything unexpected in their questions and their stories.

There was a rather long and dull and technical/quasi-technical middle section, which DFW acknowledges as showcasing the general tedium of great parts of the campaign trail.

Apart from these sections, which almost tempted me into skimming, the essay beautifully maneuvers into and along the important issues not so much with regard to campaigning, but concerning the reader/voter/the Young Voter/the cynic/the wants-to-be-an-idealist in an age of Great Cynicism.

Trump, who I’m supporting and all my F&Fs think I’m crazy for – because they think he’s (Trump) racist, sexist, xenophobic, a bully and egotistical, a maniacal demagogue. Wallace uncovers all the lying and deception and manipulating and calculating that is the nature of politics.

He shows how campaigns real target is the media, to convince them of the virtues of the candidate and then rely on the reporters to tell the story of how their guy is the virtuous one—the problem solver; all of which, the problems, are the same today as they were 15 years ago, which ought to tell you something, even though it is now post 911 and we are mired in a seemingly endless war against terrorism … The voters, you, are really not what matters, but are just used as a means to the end. Wallace calls Mc Cain the “Anticandidate” – which compared to Trump, well, it is no contest. Truth.”] never leaves any doubt about what he thinks and who he is and what he has done, if you listen closely, and don’t buy what the media is selling. He’s a hero only because he got shot down and was captured.His only mistake about the process might be his naïve thinking that Sorensen's speeches for Kennedy were immune from calculation when they were probably the very thing that led Nixon to change his approach to media in 1968. The best insights are about the process as a whole What the reporters sees and how they shape what the public sees. Wallace may not think so, but he makes a good case that the best reporters should be cynical rather than idealistic, because Wallace is asking better questions to himself than they are to the candidate.I like that Wallace describes the tiers of media professionals following a campaign and how the army moves from city to city, day after day. You get the impression that the news is shaped by what makes the best story, even if the underlying logic behind the story is manufactured.In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard's vote." This is best described as David Foster Wallace's experience traveling with John Mc Cain in the winter of 2000 as he tried to wrest the Republican nomination from George W. 16 years old and this story is already a period piece.It's easy to forget that Mc Cain was treated like Prince Valiant by the media in 2000.It's a shame that Wallace did not live to ride the Mc Cain bus in October of 2008 where the press treated Mc Cain like any garden variety Republican.The contrast of those two campaigns in the stylings of David Foster Wallace would have been a singular experience.Trump, so I decided to re-read Wallace’s essay about presidential campaigns, the 2000’s Republican’s campaign for its nominee. Trump, so I decided to re-read Wallace’s essay about presidential campaigns, the 2000’s Republican’s campaign for its nominee. His ability to see the smallest and most telling of details about that which he was observing has never been equaled, in my opinion.His look inside the race, 15 years ago, could have been written yesterday – that little has changed, except for Donald J.Do modern journalists read The Boys on the Bus about the way politicians try to shape the news?I would venture a guess they only take those lessons into account for a politician they are opposed to.


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