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(Abraham and Jonathan, 2008) Initiative – Employees should be given enough space and freedom to create and carry out plans.

Management should give opportunity to its employees to give ideas, experience and new method of work.

(Mind Tools, n.d.) Starbucks organises a region level once in every year when all the managers of different regions are called at their respective region head offices.

There they are encouraged to provide feedback, ideas, new method of working etc.

Remuneration policy should be able to accord both employer and employee.

(Cite HR, 2008) Starbucks follows a fair and competitive wage plan.Employee who developed this drink was promoted to store manager’s position.(Gulati, Huffman and Neilson, 2002) Fair Remuneration – Method of remuneration to the employee should be fair, satisfactory, reasonable and rewarding of the efforts he/she has put in his/her job.Starbucks began its operations in Seattle in year 1971.Back then they were just a roaster and retailer of whole bean and ground coffee, tea and spices and had only one store. Howard Schultz became director of retail operations and marketing.(Anon., n.d.) According to Starbucks management system, every Starbucks store has 16 employees which include 1 store manager, 1 assistant manager and 16 partners.Store manager is appointed to look after his support staff, assistant manager is hired to look after staff when store manager is not present and rest of the staff is assigned to make coffees and serve other food and beverages.(Rodrigues, 2001) Starbucks follows decentralization of authority model.They have created decision making for each manager.So, in order to make sure each store runs efficiently, Starbucks delegated authority to its store managers.Managers are free to run store and make decisions according to what they think is best for them and the employees of that store.


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