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An article of amendment may, however, explicitly express itself as having the effect of repealing a specific existing article.The use of appended articles of amendment is most famous as a feature of the United States Constitution, but it is also the method of amendment in a number of other jurisdictions, such as Venezuela.Under the 1919 German Weimar Constitution, the prevailing legal theory was that any law reaching the necessary supermajorities in both chambers of parliament was free to deviate from the terms of the constitution, without itself becoming part of the constitution.

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Article 60 lies within "Section VIII: The Legislative Process, Subsection 2: Amendments to the Constitution." The following is detailed therein: §1°.

The Constitution cannot be amended during a federal intervention, state of defence or stage of siege. A proposed amendment shall be debated and voted on in each Chamber of the National Congress, in two rounds, and shall be considered approved if it obtains three-fifths of the votes of the respective members in both rounds. A Constitutional amendment shall be promulgated by the Executive Committees of the Chamber of Deputies and Federal Senate, taking the next sequential number. No proposed constitutional amendment shall be considered that is aimed at abolishing the following: Article Five of the United States Constitution describes the process whereby the federal Constitution may be altered.

By contrast, in the United States a proposed amendment originates as a special joint resolution of Congress that does not require the President to sign and that the President can not veto.

The manner in which constitutional amendments are finally recorded takes two main forms.

The second, less common method, is for amendments to be appended to the end of the main text in the form of special articles of amendment, leaving the body of the original text intact.

Although the wording of the original text is not altered, the doctrine of implied repeal applies.

The Constitution of Ethiopia can only be modified by a simple majority of the country's regions, and two-thirds majorities in both houses of the Federal Parliamentary Assembly.

Chapter 39 of the Constitution of Ethiopia cannot be amended.

Amendments of the Bill of Rights, and amendments affecting the role of the NCOP, the "boundaries, powers, functions or institutions" of the provinces or provisions "dealing specifically with provincial matters" must also be passed by the NCOP with a supermajority of at least six of the nine provinces.

If an amendment affects a specific province, it must also be approved by the legislature of the province concerned.


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