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It may be possible that many cloned species walk on the street along with us and we are not even aware that how many of them are actually present. Nuclear transfer cloning techniques have been successfully performed on a number of species; Tadpole in 1952, Carp in 1963, Mice in 1986, Sheep in 1996, Rhesus Monkey in January 2000, Cattle in 2001, Cat in 2001, Rat in 2003, Dog in 2005, Horse in 2003, Water Buffalo in 2009, Camel in 2009 and Pashmina Goat in 2011.

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However, it is said that such errors in the clones can be corrected at a later stage.Some people are of the opinion that people eating cloned meat have less appetite and can be weak as compared to the others.The big question is that should cloning be allowed even after knowing its disadvantages? Keeping the advantages in mind, cloning is essential.There are also teachers who see the cons of homework. However, there is nothing wrong in discussing its benefits and its adverse effects on students.So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of homework ban. Would students really gain any real benefits from the absence of homework?Cloned food is said to possess a number of side- effects and is also restricted in the European continent. It is also estimated that in a few countries, cloned meat is available along with the actual meat and it is impossible to distinguish between them, on the basis of appearance and taste.Some say that cloned meat is not harmful but even if we use common sense we can understand the difference between original and the artificial. A number of religious organizations are against the concept of cloning because they are of the opinion that life begins at conception. It has also been estimated that a number of clones are born with disorders such as enlarged umbilical cords, deformities, heart and intestine problems, respiratory distress.People always argue on this topic, so we will not force our opinion on anyone. Banning it would not bring any real benefit to students.We agree that every person has good arguments and that there is a gray line when it comes to homework. Yes, we do agree that teachers should try to assign less homework every week.If the procedure is conducted successfully, the egg actually grows into a genetic copy of the original animal. The most important organs of the human body can be cloned and kept intact so as to be used in cases of emergencies, like when the real organs stop working. Cloning can help infertile human beings in producing children thus providing an easy solution to infertility. Cloning technologies can prove to be extremely fruitful for producing astounding genetic researches.Cloning can be both advantageous and dis- advantageous. The composition of genes and their effects on human beings and their behavior can be well understood in a better way. A number of genetic diseases can be cured with the help of cloning; the result is you will not suffer from diabetes genetically if one or both of your parents are diabetic. Scientists need a lot of plants and animals to conduct their researches; when these plants and animals are available as clones not only these plants and animals are saved but scientists can have as many species of clones as they need for the purpose of experimentation. Cloning can result in creating DNA diversity between human beings.


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