Essay Writing Process Prewriting

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He or she should consider how much space is allowed for the communication and how What can be effectively communicated within that space?

At this point, the writer needs to consider the organization of content.

By contrast, a five-page essay about a three-day trip would only skim the surface of the experience.

The writer must consider again the goals of communication – content, audience, importance of information – but add to this a consideration of the format for the writing.

Other outlines might include sequences along a continuum: big to little, old to new, etc.

Clustering, a technique of creating a visual web that represents associations among ideas, is another help in creating structure, because it reveals relationships.Or, they might discuss events, ideas, and interpretations with just one other person.Oral storytelling might enter again, as the writer turns it into a narrative, or just tries out ways of using the new terminology.Reading is effective in both choosing and narrowing a topic and in gathering information to include in the writing.As a writer reads other works, it expands ideas, opens possibilities and points toward options for topics and narrates specific content for the eventual writing.One traditional method of tracking the content read is to create annotated note cards with one chunk of information per card.Writers also need to document music, photos, web sites, interviews, and any other source used to prevent plagiarism.It helps you put your thought out onto the paper on what you want to write about.Writers usually begin with a clear idea of audience, content and the importance of their communication; sometimes, one of these needs to be clarified for the best communication.The writer often looks up definitions, synonyms and finds ways that different people use the terminology.Lists, journals, teacher-student conference, drawing illustrations, using imagination, restating a problem in multiple ways, watching videos, inventorying interests – these are some of the other methods for gathering information.


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