Essay Structure For Ancient History

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Trouble is, I'm finding it difficult in writing/structuring my essay. Thank you (: Well it probably depends on the essay title.

Of course there the basic consistent elements like introduction, followed by a main chunk arguing certain points and using evidence (be it specific and factual or a historical quote/opinion) to support them, then a "verdict" and conclusion.

Instead, I suggest that your answer should unfold throughout the course of the essay.

If you're to argue both sides, don't just present each case neutrally and then choose one.

Oh I don't mean just go meandering about without any sort of indication of your real position/argument, I mean use the conclusion to just sum it up/express it shortly.

What you describe is basically how I tended to write essays; I think my post just oversimplified the process a bit.

And I spent so long memorising all those specific dates and facts only for it not to be rewarded.

I know I didn't do badly, but it was way out of line with my mocks.

Try to remember that you don't need to narrate the events as they happened.

I know it sounds so KS3, but literally Point Evidence Explanation actually works if you think of it like: answering the question; giving evidence to back up the view; linking different factors together (e.g.


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