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Chandler (2005) remembers in his book “once, Alfred Hitchcock said to his friend in the café, “See that man? You can tell a great deal about a man by his shoes” (p. As a matter of fact, after this film, many filmmakers began use such technique.

Shoes are really the most “speakable” detail in one’s appearance.

And again, remind them about instincts: If they don't have a good feeling about a certain person, they should approach someone else.

It's not possible to protect kids from strangers at all times.

It is based on the book by Patricia Highsmith who is very famous for her “The Talented Mr. Hitchcock was attracted by the theme of the exchange crime”.

Moreover, his heroes are not just “positive” and “negative” ones, they are complicated characters who present a mixture of felling, emotions and good and bad treats. One of them is Guy Haines, a tennis player, who wants to marry the senator’s daughter, the other one is Bruno Anthony is a stranger.The same thing is about music in Hitchcock’s films.It has a great importance in depicting the psychological characteristics of the characters. As a great director, Alfred Hitchcock used the whole specter of means to create an artistic impression on the audience.The very first episode of a film (opening sequence) introduces the theme of it “crisscrossed crime” or “double crossing”. The opening sequence is very important in terms of introduction of the film main characters, subject and theme. The “owners” of these shoes arrive at the station and the audience understands that the owners of the shoes will be the main characters of the film.Chandler (2005) said that this Novel was for Hitchcock a “delicious” example of the kinds of characters he liked: the charming villain and a mixture of shades of gray in the hero, not just black and white, and the exchange- of- murders concept delighted him. Why did the director chose this element of clothes?Thus, the director establishes the parallel or, precisely, the contrast that will develop in the film. The theme of duplicity and “contrasting doublets” appears in all details of the sequence: two cars, two pairs of feet approaching to the train, the interconnected train tracks, Ebert and Corliss (2005) mention such detail as Guy’s tennis rockets which are also crossed (p. Hitchcock was a great master of visual set pieces and this is reflected in many sequences during the film.One can notice that every shot with the firs men’s feet is balanced with the shot with second’s men feet. A number of formal and technical elements used in the film create a whole impression about the movie.First, they should try to find a person in uniform, like a police officer, security guard, or store employee.If there are no uniformed people, look for grandparents, women, and people with children who may be able to help.Teach them that if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or if they feel like something's just not right — even if they can't explain why — they need to walk away immediately.So, what happens if your kids are alone and need to approach a stranger for help?


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