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Advocates of space exploration often get asked the question: “Why should we spend money on NASA where there are so many problems here on Earth?

First, until all urgent and important matters of the globe have been solved, money on space exploration is meaningless.

It at all to invest millions of dollars researching and producing foods for astronauts (for space exploration purpose), while every day thousands of people are starving.

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Then, some may argue that the purpose of space exploration to discover new lands, new energy resources or to deter potential threat to . solar and nuclear energy) have not yet been widely-used. All of these tasks that haven’t been tackled yet require money.

Nevertheless, is it effective to do so while other alternatives are available? That is why costly space discovery programs are a waste of resources.

The majority of the money spent on space exploration goes toward the salaries of thousands of skilled American workers who make NASA’s missions so successful. It is part of who we are: since the first tribes left the African savanna and spread into Europe and Asia, we have had the need to explore the unknown. These questions and others have been asked by every generation since the dawn of time.

For more on this, and its connection to the recent Mars rover budget scare, check this post. Now humans have visited or settled every corner of the globe. That we can even ask them is a testament to the power of the human brain.


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