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No medical explanations could be derived for the mysterious illness and neither could the other girls who were getting affected by the same problems could explain their…… And their could be other, more personal reasons for the accusations. At that time society had a fear of the devil and the devil's abilities that could overtaken common sense and did. As the number of cases of "infected people" continued to rise, more and more women and even men, began to be arrested, trialed and executed. Craker shows how a closer examination of trial evidence and procedures can reconstruct a more accurate narrative of the Salem events.

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Six women of Salem: the untold story of the accused and their accusers in the Salem Witch Trials. In this sense, the only category of convicts which were burned to death was that of the so-called "satanic Blacks" as this was considered to be the only way of destroying their 'evilness.' In uritan New England ideology, Blacks were associated with Satan. Salem Witch Trials Why and How Did the Salem Witch Trials Happen? More than half the accusations originated in the two communities of Salem Village and Andover (Rape pp). [Read More] Work Cited "Rape of a Whole Colony." Kamensky, Jane.

Many villagers were left without a home and without money, due to being forced to pay large sums of money to get their loved ones out of prison.

No one has been executed as a convicted witch in America since the trials, as that age marked the end of the religious witch hunts.

Examples of modern-day "witch hunts" include the communist hunts and the events of the early 1950s that inspired "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.

Another example is the Mc Martin preschool abuse trial of the late 1980s.


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