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Your essay is beautifully written, but it is unpractical because of the fact that there are many cultures in this world, all with different goals for themselves and humanity, and often come into conflict with each other. A world where there is no borders and there is no war on it. The world which you illustrate is a utopia that is surely unattainable.

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Plants provide people with an abundance of food either directly or indirectly.

There are millions of vegetable, fruit and seed producing plants which are used by people for food.

Your charming style of insightful writing offers an open door to liberation of the human spirit!

You have composed an enlightening and elegantly motivational essay, Aabis!

Life without plants would be a difficult and unimaginable life. Without plants, the playgrounds, lawns and gardens would be mere solid ground.

There would be no trees or bushes around our house. The cattle will die because of lack of plantation to eat. depend heavily on the plants and leaves for their nutrition, which if not given will result in the death of the aforementioned. The trees help in giving us the oxygen we breathe by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the air. In various parts of the world, ninety percent of people live in houses with no electricity.

Everyone who wants to be happy should try to get together and to love one another. Usianguke Aabis whatever you wrote, your thought, your opinion, It's touching. I don't want to talk about whether it's possible or not to have a boundaryless world.

Basically the rich don't want the poor in their backyard. In your second paragraph, you meant - a line drawn on a piece of paper.

The unique ability of plants is that they produce their own food using energy from the sun.

People should appreciate the value of plants because they are an invaluable part of the Earths ecosystem.


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