Essay On Why Genetic Engineering Is Wrong

Essay On Why Genetic Engineering Is Wrong-37
What right as people do we have to interject the life process?By genetically altering the humans ability to catch a cold, this person is deprived of having the immune system work itself back to normal thus, interfering with the life cycle.

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Within the next quarter century, genetic engineering is said to be so effectively used that it will be able to catch up to the population growth and provide enough food for all 3rd world countries. With economic and moral support, further enhanced research, improvement on existing genetic engineering and a bright future, the potential for modifying genes is brighter than it has ever been.

All in all, genetic engineering is clearly creating an entirely new and unprecedented uses of living things. Cell by cell, tissue by tissue, organ by organ, we might soon be able to provide all necessary entities for the needy that being grains of rice in Africa, or a liver in the United States.

For instance, the first gene-therapy trial was performed in September 1990 by a group of doctors on a four-year-old-girl who suffered from a rare form of cancer ¹.

Using genetically modified cells for a period of time, these brave doctors gave a second chance of life to a terminally ill girl. Some people are concerned that it may permanently alter the basic material of human beings if genes from other species are used, however, by doing so an opportunity arises to provide a spark of faith to a four-year-old girl.

With this in mind, scientists are trying to genetically engineer special formulas that won’t allow superior bacteria to form.

Another concern arises with people trying to alter a “God-given” condition in the name of science.

Scientists’ effort to play the all-mighty role is most prevalent in their attempt to genetically alter and ultimately clone the perfect animals in order to provide more milk, and leaner meat to be consumed.

This attempt to do so enables more criticism because the animal rights groups get involved and they bring about issues of safety and well-being of the animals.

Although genetic engineering farm animals are insufficient and needs improvement, dairy cattle can be genetically modified to increase the content of the milk protein, thus producing healthier milk to drink and in larger quantities. Criticized for interfering with nature dramatically, these fruits and vegetables are said to be unhealthy and unregulated by certain advocate groups.

Also high on this list is to make cows, sheep, goats, and pigs leaner and more resistant to illnesses. But here is a scenario, humans like to help humans, so wouldn’t it be morally wrong knowing that there are children starving in other countries and there is something you can do about it?


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