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Buying time is one of the war tricks that is currently used in wars and enables the armies to gain more ground (Haskell 70).

The more the time is offered to the army, the enemies will always have surprises when ambushing the army.

This is the key trick that was engaged by Meade’s army to face the attacks from Lee’s army in the first day. Plans and movement to battle Since the battle of Gettysburg consisted of large numbers of soldiers, not all parts of the infantry of both armies managed to arrive on July 1.

Upon reaching Gettysburg, Lee’s army was already ambushed in the three ridges hence already weakened. For this reason, most of the armies arrived on the evening of first and the morning of July 2.

The Union line was parallel to the Confederate line emerging West on Seminary Ridge curving to the opposite of Culp’s Hill.

The first plan of Lee’s army was to position the Longstreet’s First Corps to attack the Union from the left flank.Please enable cookies on your browser and try again.The Civil War has been viewed as the unavoidable eruption of a conflict that had been simmering for decades between the industrial North and the agricultural South. Yet the economies of the two regions were complementary to some extent, in terms of the exchange of goods and capital; the Civil War did not arise because of economic competition between the North and South over markets, for instance.The three ridges of defense situated in the West of the town were Seminary Ridge, Herr Ridge, and Mc Pherson Ridge.The obstruction of Lee’s army by the three ridges would create enough time to establish territory vital in fighting defensively against invading enemies. 507) speak of the two regions’ respective “labor systems,” which in the eyes of both contemporaries were the most salient evidence of two irreconcilable worldviews.The collision course that led to the Civil War did not have its basis in pure economics as much as in the perceptions of Northerners and Southerners of the economies Finally, despite the enshrinement via the Constitution of an essentially conservative form of government intended to ensure a peaceful political process, the history of the United States leading up to the Civil War was a violent one.The order of the attack was to commence with John Bell Hood, who had his army and Lafayette division.The third plan was the army headed by General Richard, which was to occupy the Hill division, hence reinforcing the attack of the entire army.Though conflict between Native Americans and Europeans had ebbed and flowed, its legacy foreshadowed the Civil War’s attempt to resolve a political and social dispute militarily.The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are political documents, obviously, but they do more than spell out the reasons for the break of the colonies, as a unit, with Britain and how the new nation would be governed, in terms of institutions and procedures. government would thus be held accountable not in just a practical way—via elections, whereby officials who did not serve their constituents could be replaced in a peaceable manner—but in terms of a value, an ideal.


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