Essay On Technical Education In Nepal

Essay On Technical Education In Nepal-19
Technical (or industrial) knowledge is necessary for us to run these industries. We have to set up new industries manufacturing (producing) heavy machines like a car, and airplane engines.

Technical education means the practical application of the general principles and methods of Scientific studies to the teaching of some trade, profession or handicraft.

The importance such training in a country like Ours is quite obvious.

We have the cloth, sugar, iron and other industries.

There commodities (things) are produced that we use every day.

The answer is wanted of technical instruction in Our School and colleges.

So, if we do not want our educational institutions to produce a generation of beggars and stealers but that of the honest upright gentleman then it is essential to teach the boys and girls in some special branch of industry, mechanism, handicraft, trade or a profession.We are brought to know and learn literature and history but we lack practical knowledge and training.That is why our student has to face so many problems when he enters the practical world.It is rightly said that there are only three ways of earning one’s livelihood, working, begging and stealing.If someone fails to earn by the first method that is by working, it is natural that one will certainly adopt begging or stealing.They also learn about the production and use of their spare parts.We need industrial education to run our different industries and to expand them.Technical or industrial education means education in the use of different kinds of machines and techniques of the industry.Those who obtain (get) such education learn the parts or components of machines and the ways of working and repairing them.A true form of education is one that aims at the full and harmonious development of all aspects of human personality.Literary education should also be imparted to follow noble ideals and aspirations of life.


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