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For anyone who values human liberty, the predominantly Muslim part of the world is admittedly bleak today. However, a part of the problem is related to Islam — or at least some of its current manifestations.According to the global "freedom map" of Freedom House, a non-partisan organization, most Muslim-majority nations are simply “unfree.” While a few — including my country, Turkey rank as “partly free,” there is only one Muslim-majority country whose citizens may enjoy being “free.” That is Tunisia, the only country that was able to reap a liberal democracy from the tumultuous winds of the Arab Spring of 2011. In countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, Islamic law, or Sharia, is implemented, with harsh punishments on “apostasy” or “blasphemy.” As a result, converts from Islam to other religions such as Christianity can be executed, or secularists who “insult” religion can be jailed or flogged.

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Changes in the European Cultural and Religious Landscape The presence of more and more significant percentages of immigrants in the European social landscape it is not only a quantitative fact, with consequences on several social and cultural dynamics and indicators.

Different quantitative levels of so many indicators do not only produce a quantitative change.

In the meantime, many puzzled Muslims are looking out for the right way to understand and live their religion.

A “war of ideas,” indeed, is going on in the Muslim world.

All together, they produce and create new problematics, new processes of interrelation, etc. Nothing less than a different type of society: quite different from the one imagined with the rise of the Nation-State, and its founding principles.

Among the other changes, one of the more visible and visibilized is the so called ‘return’ of cultures – and particularly religions – in the European public space.

It would be a major mistake in the face of this drama to declare that Islam never will accept liberty because of its supposedly unchangeable essence — as it was also argued for Catholicism or Judaism in the past centuries.

For the West, this is mainly an intra-Muslim matter that cannot be directly influenced by outsiders.


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