Essay On Learning Styles

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In reality, most of us have a combination of learning styles.

We may find that we prefer to learn different subjects in different ways, but one particular style may be dominant.

Sometimes even phrasing requirements differently can help.

The SPED teacher at my school recently shared the document she uses to break down essay expectations sentence by sentence by phrasing each requirement as a question. ’” I gave that handout to all of my students because it’s one more way to provide an explanation that might click with some.

By being aware of the different learning styles, teachers are able to make sure that their classes or lectures contain a range of different material so that each type of learner will be able to relate to the class and understand the material.

Essay On Learning Styles

Some learners find it easier to learn by looking at visual representations.

For example, instead of, “Must use a sentence to introduce a quote,” the requirement is phrased: “This sentence answers the questions ‘Who said this? In most of my classes I read rubrics out loud because some students see that page full of words, can’t process it, and give up. Practical learners may not comprehend requirements by reading or hearing them but need to use the rubric in context for it to make sense.

For this reason, I don’t grade first drafts until after they have been peer reviewed (except for timed writings).

It wasn’t until I started my teacher education program that I realized the importance of teaching to different learning styles.

Sure, there are skeptics who claim that “in the real world” you won’t be given an audiobook of your job training manual.


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