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Gone are the days when a man was a slave of time and space.Be it information Or communication and business or entertainment Computer is all in one product.

The Whole World and every possible option are available on the Internet. The man has got rid of many unwanted and unnecessary things and procedures that made man’s work impossible.

The billion dollars business of the world is being done through the Internet. The man has removed the possibility of things to be impossible on the other hand, it has opened new horizons of Imagination and creation.

It is a collection of millions of changing documents on computers all over the world.

These documents may contain books, magazines, pictures, films, and information of all kinds.

It is full of amazingly beautiful and fascinating natural and man created things.

Since time immemorial man has beautified the globe with his God-gifted faculty of brain and imagination.

The computer users, in their ways, offer information to the entire Internet world.

The Internet is, thus, working excellently in the cyberspace or space where electronic messages, information, pictures, etc. The World Wide Web (www) is the most important part of the Internet.

The Internet, in this sense, is known as “the Information Superhighway” which anyone can use through his computer system.

The Internet highway system provides information and pictures to all the computer users who are connected to it.


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