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It is total extinction of suffering, decay, and death. It is perfect calm and tranquillity undisturbed by desires and passions. All desires for this life and the next life are extinguished in it. These cannot be over-ruled by supra-mundane God or by any mundane agency. It is produced by preceding phenomena, and produces succeeding phenomena. All subs­tances are mere aggregates of impermanent qualities. The world of Becoming is governed by the Law of Causality (pratityasamutpada). All individuals are series of momentary states of cons­ciousness.

Non-grasping is attained by the knowledge of impermanence and voidness. The fourth noble truth is the way to the extinction of suffering. There is no permanent soul behind the series of momentary psychoses.

Destruction of egoism and will-to- live leads to extinction of attachment, aversion, delusion, and suffering.

Nibbana is the extinction of desire, doubt, and sensual pleasures based on the reflection on nothingness. It is a phenomenon enduring for a moment and then passing away.

The whole world is on fire; where is the scope for merry-making.’ Sensual pleasure is transitory and followed by pain. Fear comes from merriment.’ The loss of objects of sensual pleasure leads to sorrow.

The world is completely unsubstantial, void of being and perpetual becoming.

Ignorance is due to will-to-live which is the root cause of suffering.

The third noble truth is the extinction of suffering.

A man, who is pierced by the arrow of grief, must draw it out.

The second noble truth is concerning the origin of suffer­ing.


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