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Miss any of these deadlines and you might have to wait till the next issue to run your ad – and this can be detrimental if you need to hire someone quickly.Moreover, once your ad is finally published, there’s no way of correcting any mistakes (like a wrong phone number of email address, for example).

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One of the most popular and growing industries is the print media and the reason being the fact that it is one of the easiest ways to reach targeted customers by advertisers and marketers.

These advertisers and businessmen make the most of all forms of print media like magazines, newspaper, leaflets etc.

Unlike job boards which require you to stick to a specific template and fill in all the relevant information about the vacancy, you have more creative freedom when running an ad in a newspaper.

This, of course, all depends on your recruitment budget.

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of newspaper recruitment, and decide for yourself!

According to You Gov Profiles, an online segmentation and media planning tool, the majority of newspaper and magazine readers in the UK are aged 55 and over, and account for 39.4 per cent of all survey respondents.

If you want to know more about print media, then read this article as we bring to you the advantages and disadvantages of print media here. What is your school ERP software bringing to the table?

Cloud-Based school ERP software is slowly becoming a vital part of the educational ecosystem.

While the majority of jobseekers use the internet to find a job, not everyone has direct access to the World Wide Web – or a computer or other electronic device, for that matter.

This is especially true for people who aren’t very tech-savvy or who live in remote areas of the country.


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