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This guide will help you understand how to use the MLA citation format for both in-text citations and works cited lists.It includes some more commonly used source formats.

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Reference to a specific volume and page numbers is done in the in-text parenthetical references.

If you you use one volume of a multivolume work, give the volume number in the citation only--not in the text--and provide the publication information only for that one volume.

The page numbering should start on the first page and continue all the way through the very last page of your Works Cited. If you want to figure this out later, for now you can just type “Title.” (Don’t worry—I get it. But this post might help: How to Write Good Essay Titles That Are…Good). Any piece of information that came from your research—and not from your own brain, as mushy as it might be from all this MLA stuff—needs to be cited in order to identify the source of that information. It means giving credit to authors when you use their ideas.

Here’s how your paper should look so far: For more formatting details, and examples of what the formatting looks like, check out the Purdue OWL’s General Format guide for papers and its MLA Sample Paper. This ensures you won’t get in trouble for plagiarism, not even the unintentional kind.(See How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essay Writing for tips on appropriately citing information.)All right, ready to start citing those sources?

MLA In-text Citation Examples: Note: All examples below appear in italics to differentiate from instructions.

As such, titles of books and larger works are underlined to help differentiate.

Information Needed in MLA In-text Citations: There are two main elements that must be included in all MLA in-text citations: 1. Note: If there is no individual author named, there will often be a corporate author, which refers to the name of the group/agency/company that published the original information. Any print source (newspaper, magazine, journal, book,etc.) will have a page number.

This is often the case with governmental sources, which are published under the name of the government agency rather than with an individual(s) name. When using these, provide the page number where the actual information (be it a quote, statistic, etc.) appears in the original source.

The purpose of MLA citations is to document where information used in the essay was found and to provide credit to the authors for using their works.

The in-text citations provide basic information and, essentially, refer readers to the Works Cited page where more information can be found.


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