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After telling Opokuya about her engagement, Esi visits her mother who disapproves of Esi lowering her status by becoming a second wife.Fusena is angry that Ali plans to take a second wife who has an university degree.

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Mercy is the younger sister whose values was followed the changes of society that willing to take advantages from the powerful men.

In order words, Mercy prefers to have someone to contents her with materials instead of real love.

As part of the action, influences and narratives flow, once in a while, from the town to the countryside, like Esi’s consultation with her mother and grandmother in the village whether or not to get married as a second wife to Ali Kondey, these influences reveal western culture contact and conflict with the traditional African culture as demonstrated, especially, by the thoroughly enjoyed sexual escapades by both the woman Esi and the man Ali when they are not yet married, thus exhibiting western or urban culture contact and conflicts with the traditional African ethos which are represented by Esi’s grandmother’s ideas and truths derived from her unadulterated pre-colonial African past.

She informs us that in the past, no man who had more than one wife, lived with any on a permanent basis in order to give the woman some respite to do some things for her personal interest like her economic self-sustenance.

The appearance of “the new pair of black shoes” is the symbol of something happening to her.

Because of wearing “the pair of shoes”, she experiences the joy that materials bring her and makes her feel valuable from men.She also experience superiority over men because she is able to demand what she wants from a man.A girl being materialistic is not only the responsibility of herself. In the article, only Mercy’s sister Connie is concern and criticize the performance of Mercy.In the beginning, when the bus passed through Mercy, she felt painful to wait for the next bus and wished for someone who has cars to pick her up everyday from work.At this time, her willingness of being admired implants in her mind.The husband of Connie, James, plays the supportive role of Mercy’s actions.Also, the phenomenon of the society encourages Mercy to continue with the ways she gets fulfillment from.For instance, “the new pair of black shoes”(p.995), “the handbag”(p.999), and “the estate house”(p.1002) that Mercy received from the governor Mensar-Arthur are the supporting evidences that indicates Mercy is a selfish and materialistic girl who only cares about her desire of luxury lifestyle.Her ignorance of her sister Connie’s preoccupation according to the traditional values shows the conflict between the point of view from Connie and the point of view from herself.So that, Mercy does not realize her mistake that she had made. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c.


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