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Hearing deterioration results in the failure to hear high-pitched sounds.Organs: During the ageing process, it isn’t only the skins, bones, joints, muscles and senses that are affected, the organs are affected too.The critics of this theory state that it overlooks the inequalities in health and economics that hinders the ability for older people to engage in such activities.

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This theory of aging states that “aging is an inevitable, mutual withdrawal or disengagement, resulting in decreased interaction between the aging person and others in the social system he belongs to”.

The theory claims that it is natural and acceptable for older adults to withdraw from society.

Therefore, this theory has historical significance in gerontology.

Since then, it has faced strong criticism since the theory was proposed as innate, universal, and unidirectional.

However, Feminist theories attack the continuity theory for defining normal aging around a male model.

One weakness of the theory is that it fails to demonstrate how social institutions impact the individuals and the way they age.

The continuity theory is one of six major psychosocial theories which describe how people develop in old age.

The other two psychosocial theories are the disengagement theory, with which the continuity theory comes to odds, and the activity theory upon which the continuity theory modifies and elaborates.

During the ageing process a person’s arteries which start to become narrower due to the high cholesterol levels but also the buildup of fatty deposits which can also lead to a rise of blood pressure but also an increased risk of a stroke and heart attack.

The fatty deposits which might build up in the arteries could break away which might result in one of the important arteries becoming blocked which can result in coronary heart disease where the victim will have the symptoms such as breathlessness and chest pain.


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