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What takes most time, how much time spend on work, family ,leisure etc……? And I suppose you need to have a bit of spare time too – you can’t really dedicate a lot of time to volunteer work if you don’t have it in the first place.

( Fredrick) There is worry about the sustainability of the projects done in developing countries by international volunteers when they leave: It depends on whether the project is going to be sustainable when she leaves, from the photo she seems to be involved with the community, but I guess she won’t be living there for a long time so whatever she is doing needs to be making a difference after she’s gone.

One typical worker is probably the older woman in her 60-70s.

Some people do volunteering due to connection to the project or even due to that their family has volunteer in the cause: Where I volunteer there are many women like me who had relatives (my Mum was there) at the nursing home and visited regular…When their relatives passed away they continued coming to help out, maybe just to keep in touch.

( Fredrick) They are passionate about a cause and devote all their spare time to it.

They are selfless, generous hearted, hardworking with a tad bit of martyr going on I think. (Grace) Probably someone who has time and is financially secure enough that they can work without making money.(Bernadette) The issue of costs was discussed and it was found that in case of the small costs like petrol prices there should deduction from tax, or the organization should refund the costs or sometimes the volunteer can seek sponsorship: Out-of-pocket expenses for volunteers can add up particularly petrol prices these days. Altruistic Individualists: Motivations for International Volunteering Among Young Adults in Switzerland.Maybe volunteer work could be seen as paid work by the government and petrol and other expenses could be claimed via taxes rather than out of the organisation’s ‘kitty’(Ken) Maybe if you’re a registered volunteer you should have concessions for things like transport. Voluntas: International Journal Of Voluntary & Nonprofit Organizations, 16(2), 109-122. For instance, a friend of mine worked in a community centre for over 20 years.(Phoebe) All of them did not just know the meaning of volunteering; they have actually done some sort of volunteering: Yes I have been volunteering for the past five years at a nursing home.( Ken) I think it is great to see young people helping out in these poor countries.( Mary) Louise clearly has a passion for conservation having traveled internationally.(Mary) You thoughts about Katie and her volunteer work?I don’t want to be rude, but she looks like someone who is “in retirement”.Volunteering The participants were asked what the volunteer work means and majority said it means giving up personal time in order to help without gaining any benefits: Giving up my time to help others less fortunate than myself.(Ken) To me volunteer work is work that you do that you are not paid for and that benefits others, the problem is that I don’t think volunteer work is valued enough.


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