English Portfolio Reflection Essay

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Folio—with the e Portfolio program in Chalk and Wire.

The advantages to completing an electronic portfolio are many: it is portable and flexible; it builds upon skills learned in first-year core classes including CIS 100, English 103, and ADW 111-112; it enables a high level of creativity in presenting your work; it builds and showcases skills which are attractive to employers and graduate schools; and, most important, it encourages you to show the connections between the many different skills you learn in your first year at Spelman.

Here you will find guidelines for completing your First-Year Writing Portfolio.

If you have questions after reading the guidelines, please visit the Writing Center (3rd Floor, Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby, Ed. Academic Center) to obtain schedules for workshops you can attend to help strengthen your portfolio; information on obtaining one-on-one tutoring; and models of successful First-Year Writing Portfolios.

A portfolio is a compilation of work that has been put together for a specific purpose, and generally includes reflection on the whole.

The First-Year Writing Portfolio at Spelman College has four primary purposes: Strong portfolios are built through a process of collection, selection, and reflection.

Your participation in the FYE 102-First-Year Experience will include submission of this First-Year Writing Portfolio by April 18, 2019.

As you will see below, the portfolio involves much of your writing experience during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Each portfolio is read by at least two jury members and is assigned an evaluation of “Pass” or “Resubmit.” If the two jury members’ evaluations are in agreement, the evaluation stands.

If the two jury members’ evaluations are different, a consensus decision will be reached or, in some cases, a third reader will determine the outcome.


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