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We are not outright told if this is accidental or suicide.

We are not outright told if this is accidental or suicide.

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Having gone to confront his mother, where Polonius had been concealed behind a curtain, Hamlet had heard a noise and assumed it was Claudius.

He rashly stabbed him before discovering the true identity of his victim.

An important theme is that of uncertainty, which I shall argue is vital to our interpretating the play, as is the character of Ophelia.

Hamlet is the story of a Danish prince whose father is murdered by Hamlet’s uncle, who marries Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, and claims the throne.

His altogether tragic dilemma is to try kill Claudius without becoming the same beast he holds him to be.

Hamlet deliberates whether or not his uncle did commit murder, and he tries to find proof, such as using a group of travelling actors.Hamlet then goes to kill him, now convinced but finds him praying.He decides that killing Claudius in prayer means he would go to heaven, so vows to kill him later.There is a dominant focus on Hamlet as a philosophical thinker who delays taking action because his knowledge is uncertain of his uncle’s crime.Hamlet struggles to ‘hold together the many pieces of the jigsaw of human being’.He gets them to act out a scene which he believes is similar to how Claudius would have murdered his father, in the hope he will be able to gauge his uncle’s reaction.Sure enough, Claudius is visibly shocked by the scene and flees.Hamlet pleads insanity for the crime, which is not difficult for those around him to believe, which is why he is not instantly put to death.The play shows Hamlet’s long journey to reach the ‘state of "readiness" for death’ , whereby he is no longer afraid.Read a character analysis of Hamlet , plot summary, and important quotes.William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet discusses the inner turmoil of the eponymous protagonist, and his inner demons.


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