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Before engaging in any activities that could impact utility services such as electricity or natural gas, contact your local utility to ensure that the activities are done safely.

For additional emergency-planning resources, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency's website,

Emergency preparedness, business continuity, crisis response, emergency management: These and other related terms are often discussed as if they are synonyms that all refer to the process of responding to and mitigating a crisis event.

In reality, they are very different business functions.

State and local emergency management authorities and local utilities may also provide helpful guidance.

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It’s particularly important for organizations to understand the difference between emergency preparedness and business continuity in order to ensure that they are correctly accounting for each.

However, at many organizations, the two groups don’t fully understand what the other does—and sometimes employees feel that the other department is “stepping on their toes.” So, what distinguishes emergency preparedness and business continuity?

Is your business ready in the event of an emergency?

GO-Biz advocates the need for businesses to become emergency ready.


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