Education In Our Society Essay

Referring to the picture above, we can see that ICT is very useful to society, especially to students in colleges.

According to ICT adviser Harriet Price, an ICT-rich educational experience brings benefits to the students.

Besides, smart solutions for the future including laptop learning, e-learning, smart classrooms, didactic equipment and stimulations is the key to education today.

An entire learning environment is needed in which students, teachers, administrators, and parents can easily communicate and collaborate with each other, share secure information around the clock, and, ultimately, access a world of knowledge beyond classroom walls.

Calculator helps people to solve the problem a lot and also in the society especially for the accountant.

For example, calculator in the computer helps to solve the problem for every company.ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. ICT is widespread and essential to play a meaningful role in changing and modernizing educational systems as well as the way of learning. ICT refers to the technology that access to information.It includes any product that will store, restore, operate, or receive information in a digital form.She says that technology is an important part of student’s everyday lives.She makes sure that the necessary software and hardware is available for students to use, while also helping them develop their own ICT skills.The computing industry includes Internet, computer hardware and software.Internet means a worldwide system of interconnected networks and computers.This includes assembler, debugger, compilers, file management tools, operating system and utilities for managing computer resources. The examples of hardware including the computer we touch and the mouse we use to click on this page.Nonetheless, hardware is the physical aspect of computers and other devices. Another example of tool is telecommunications which it means communication by electronic as through cellular phones, radio, video and others.Moreover, ICT in education can also be broadly categorized in the following way as a subject (computer studies), a tool to support traditional subjects (computer- based learning, presentation, research) and as an administrative tool (education management information systems).ICT is not only has great impact on education but also provided some bad impact to the educators.


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