Dr Faustus Critical Essay

Kirschbaum and Greg considered the A-text a "bad quarto", and thought that the B-text was linked to Marlowe himself.Since then scholarship has swung the other way, most scholars now considering the A-text more authoritative, even if "abbreviated and corrupt", according to Charles Nicholl.

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By having Doctor Faustus deliver these soliloquies at the beginning and end of the play, the focus is drawn to his inner thoughts and feelings about succumbing to the devil. In the introductory soliloquy, Faustus begins by pondering the fate of his life and what he wants his career to be.

He ends his soliloquy with the solution and decision to give his soul to the devil.

Some people were allegedly driven mad, "distracted with that fearful sight".

John Aubrey recorded a related legend, that Edward Alleyn, lead actor of The Admiral's Men, devoted his later years to charitable endeavours, like the founding of Dulwich College, in direct response to this incident.

In the prologue, The Chorus introduces the reader to Faustus and his story.

Dr Faustus Critical Essay

He is described as being "base of stock"; however, his intelligence and scholarship eventually earns him the degree of a Doctor at the University of Wittenburg.However, most scholars today consider the comic interludes an integral part of the play, regardless of their author, and so they continue to be included in print. Johann Fausten, which itself may have been influenced by even earlier, equally ill-preserved pamphlets in Latin (such as those that likely inspired Jacob Bidermann's treatment of the damnation of the doctor of Paris, Cenodoxus (1602)).Several soothsayers or necromancers of the late fifteenth century adopted the name Faustus, a reference to the Latin for "favored" or "auspicious"; typical was Georgius Faustus Helmstetensis, calling himself astrologer and chiromancer, who was expelled from the town of Ingolstadt for such practices.During this opening, the reader also gets a first clue to the source of Faustus's downfall.Faustus's tale is likened to that of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and fell to his death when the sun melted his waxen wings.The Admiral's Men performed Doctor Faustus 24 times in the three years between October 1594 and October 1597.On 22 November 1602, the diary of Philip Henslowe recorded a £4 payment to Samuel Rowley and William Bird for additions to the play, which suggests a revival soon after that date.Doctor Faustus Chorus Wagner Good Angel Bad Angel Valdes Cornelius Three scholars Lucifer Mephistophilis Robin Beelzebub Seven Deadly Sins Pope Adrian VI Raymond, King of Hungary Bruno Two Cardinals Archbishop of Rheims Friars Vintner Martino Frederick Benvolio Charles V Duke of Saxony Two soldiers Horse courser Carter Hostess of a tavern Duke and Duchess of Vanholt Servant Old man The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, commonly referred to simply as Doctor Faustus, is an Elizabethan tragedy by Christopher Marlowe, based on German stories about the title character Faust.It was written sometime between 15, and might have been performed between 1592 and Marlowe's death in 1593.Modern texts divide the play into five acts; act 5 being the shortest.As in many Elizabethan plays, there is a chorus (which functions as a narrator), that does not interact with the other characters but rather provides an introduction and conclusion to the play and, at the beginning of some Acts, introduces events that have unfolded.


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